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Crash Pads
Crash Pads' products offer maximum protection without restricting your movement with great patented designs! They called up the Pros to design each product. You get exactly what you expect; style, impact and abrasion resistance.

The most popular style with the aggressive boarders is this comfortable underwear short. Style 2000 is offered in heather gray, black and black mesh. The unique and comfortable design covers the hip, tailbone, buttocks, and side hip with a full inch of high density closed cell foam. As always, Carash Pads provide the maximum padding and never restrict movement. This product is also popular with snow and skate boaders.$59.99


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Outerwear/Underwear  This outer short is designed to take the abuse of pavement so it can be worn by itself or as an undergarment. Each pad is individually bonded with an abrasion resistant fabric and is a full inch thick. This versatile short appeals to the aggressive, racing, fitness, and recreational skater. The primary cotton short is comfortable and restriction free. This style is also popular with ice and figure skaters. $74.99

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Pro Pant with Tail This new model is for athletes who want padding with greater performance technology. Combines treated Coolmax fabric and an innovative moisture manangement sytem for maximum comfort. $79.99



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Cotton Long Underwear
This padded long underwear covers the hip, tailbone, buttocks, hip pointer, side hip, and knees with at least inch high density padding that moves with the body, never against. This style is a lighter version of our Style 2200. Great for warmer days on the mountain, summer mountain boarding and any other sport that requires a soft knee pad along with hip and tailbone coverage.$94.99

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Freestyle Mountain Bike Pant
This long pant is designed for the aggressive and down hill mountain biker beginner through pro. Style 1200 is a 6-panel construction and is made with a combination of Lycra, mesh, and Supplex. The padding covers the side hip, hip pointer, and side knee, outside calf, front shin, pelvis and seat. The padding is a combination of thickness and weight to accommodate each body part need. The pads are bonded with an abrasion resistant fabric and are placed in-line with the contours of the body shape to ensure restriction free function. $119.99

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